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The truth about pizza...

Pizza can be great food.

It is loved by everyone.

Unfortunately pizza has gotten a bad name over the years... deservedly so.

Large chains have dominated the pizza industry.

We have been manipulated to accept processed artificial pizza.

Most pizza is loaded with unnecessary salt, fat, overly refined sugars,

artificial ingredients (flavors, preservatives, fillers, colors), adulterated flours and various other chemicals that none of us can pronounce.


There is a better way...

At SPECIALTY PIZZA, we feel that pizza ingredients need to come from the farm, not the chemistry lab.  Therefore, we put a priority on using natural ingredients;  (whole grains, fresh produce and meats, fresh herbs, spices and the best ingredients possible.)


Why do we do this?  To give you the most delicious, amazing tasting pizza possible.

Refusing to compromise our integrity.


Real pizza is not made with artificial ingredients.

There is only ONE pizza company in Central Florida that cares enough to Guarantee that every handtossed crust and cauliflower crust pizza is 100% NATURAL.

That company is SPECIALTY PIZZA.


We guarantee that there will be nothing artificial;

including preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, fillers...

in any of our toppings, sauces, cheeses in our

handtossed and cauliflower crust pizzas,

breads, salads, wings.