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Gluten Free Options



At Specialty Pizza... we have made it a priority to have as many products available as possible for people with gluten sensitivities, NOT MEANT FOR CELIAC DISEASE.


Specialty Pizza makes every effort to avoid cross contamination.

Because we have a common kitchen and some utensils are shared... there is a small risk of cross contamination.

Please use proper judgment related to your gluten health concerns.



Here are some facts:


- All of our pizza toppings are gluten free.

- All of our pizza and wing sauces are gluten free.

- Our Caesar dressing is gluten free, but the croƻtons on the side are not.

- Our wings have no breading; they are gluten free.


- We use rice flour to help in hand stretching of our non gluten free pizzas,

   we do this to avoid cross contamination of airborne wheat flour.

- We use a separate pizza cutter just for our gluten free Cauliflower crusts.

- We use the same sauce ladles for gluten free and non gluten free pizzas.


What Crusts are gluten free?

Our Cauliflower crusts are Gluten Free


What sizes are available?

The Cauliflower crusts are available in all sizes...  10 inch Lunch, 12 inch Medium and 14 inch Large.


What is the pricing upcharge?

Cauliflower crust- 10 inch Lunch - $2.99.

                             12 inch Medium - $3.99

                             14 inch Large - $4.99


Cauliflower Crust Info...

All Natural, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, it does include egg.